A couple learned a harsh lesson about cruise ship policies when boarding a cruise in Miami. As they were checking in with their cruise travel agent, a drug-sniffing dog caught a whiff of the husband’s backpack. An inspector found a small bag containing a few cannabis-infused mints mixed with regular mints.

The wife explained, “On very rare occasions, if my husband has trouble sleeping, he eats a cannabis mint, and it seems to help. He hadn’t done that in so long that he totally forgot he had any mints in his backpack, much less a few with cannabis.”

That forgetfulness cost them dearly. The cruise travel agent confiscated the husband’s boarding pass, banning him from that cruise and all future cruises with the line for life. They refunded his shore excursions and port fees but kept the cruise fare.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound from cannabis used for pain relief and reducing anxiety. While legal in many places, cruise ships strictly prohibit CBD products onboard, even in ports where it’s allowed.

Last summer, major cruise travel agents clarified their policies, explicitly banning all CBD products. They began cracking down, banning passengers found with even small amounts of CBD gummies.

In the past, cruise travel agents were more lenient about minor infractions like a few CBD candies. But now, the consequences are severe:

  • At minimum, they’ll confiscate any CBD products before boarding.
  • For illegal drugs, confiscation, cruise termination, potential legal issues, and no refund.
  • You may be banned from sailing with that cruise travel agent again, potentially for life.

Cruise ships make the rules, so cruise travel agents enforce them strictly. While the mints seemed harmless, the couple learned their cruise travel agent shows zero tolerance for banned substances.

The moral? When cruising, leave all cannabis products at home! You’ll be having too much fun anyway to need any extras. Happy drug-free cruising!






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